Why are my Clients eyes so puffy?

Why are my Clients eyes so puffy?

While under eye puffiness can be hereditary, as a professional you can help minimize this condition and improve your client’s appearance with lifestyle change recommendations and some simple tips. So let’s look at some of the causes of eye puffiness:

With aging, our ligaments underneath the eye begin to weaken and this causes fatty tissue behind the ligaments to fall forward giving the under eye a sagging/bulging appearance. While it may be hereditary, lack of sleep and stress certainly play a role and because our circulatory system works slower during sleep excess fluid builds beneath the eyes. With less sleep and increased stress the body doesn’t flush out this extra fluid as it normally would and this leads to puffy eyes.

In addition to lack of sleep and stress, issues such as hormonal imbalances and food/dust allergies can also lead to puffiness. Health problems such as sinus infections, colds, allergies, kidney and thyroid issues and iron deficiency may also cause puffiness. Always have your client consult a physician if these issues apply. Many times when the root cause is treated, the puffiness diminishes.

Other common activities that we perform daily may also contribute to puffiness such as staring at a computer all day and mobile screen at night could significantly strain the eyes. All this extra staring can lead to squinting and create under-eye wrinkling and puffiness. Creating better night time rituals that include proper make-up removal are very helpful. By removing thoroughly eye make-up every evening you will avoid clogging of tiny hair follicles and oil glands of the eye lids, which can lead to bacteria build up and inflammation.

To encourage healthy circulation and to reduce eye-bags, recommending 8 hours of sleep helps tremendously. Recommending sleeping with the head slightly elevated can help as well. Avoiding foods with salt and drinks such as alcohol is beneficial and as tasty as they can be, they do encourage fluid retention. Simple advise such as this can really help your client achieve a smoother and more youthful eye contour.