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      Soft Wax

      As a skincare professional, esthetician and waxing specialist, clients rely on consistent results for hair removal services. With formulas that are naturally calming and alleviate tension, relaxing hair follicles. Designed to gently remove medium to coarse hair from the bod, soft waxes are a perfect wax that is safe for all skin types. Many formulas are natural and specifically formulated to soothe the skin.

      Two of our superior product lines for waxing professionals include the highly reputed Dermwax and the new Dermwax Elite NAKED brands. Available in a wide array of colors ranging from clear to fun hues that allow for optimal visibility and efficacy, Dermwax brands offer numerous formulations for the face and body. In addition to hard and soft waxes, Dermwax is available in Brazilian wax, Moroccan wax, no-strip waxes, low-temperature hot wax options and much more.