Waxing Pre & Post Care

Waxing Pre & Post Care


As a licensed esthetician, you already understand the importance of proper pre and post-treatment solutions before and after body and face waxing sessions. This routine helps clients feel more comfortable while providing better and longer lasting results. This makes investing in the right professional waxing supplies just as important as your waxing technique.

During the waxing session, the area being serviced should ideally be constantly nourished to prevent damage and restore. Properly preparing the skin removes any residue, excess oil and allows it to withstand the waxing treatment, while also minimizing the client’s pain when removing the wax.

At Spa Order, we have several remarkable pre-cleansers. Our best seller is Dermwax Pre-Wax Powder. Ingredients include organic aloe leaf and zinc oxide for skin cooling. The skin is nourished with Vitamin B-5 and vitamin C, while pink clay detoxes the skin and removes dead cells. Another popular pre-waxing formula we carry is Clean+Easy Pre-Wax Cleanser is ideal for sensitive skin and has a convenient flip-top lid.

Our most popular aftercare product is Dermwax Calendula Post Wax Organic Oil which comes in 16 oz and 1 liter sizes. This product is certified organic and has soothing ingredients including calendula and is free of paraben or alcohol. While removing excess wax, the oil soothes the skin and relieves irritation. This product is safe for use on sensitive areas.

Dermwax Elite Ingrown Solution is ideal for those who get ingrown hair due to waxing. This spray is paraben and sulfate-free but filled with soothing ingredients that include arnica, lactic acid, and glycolic acid..