Lash & Brow Tinting

Refectocil Red



Those who want to maintain a polished look and enhance the appearance of their eye area get the results they desire with lash and brow tinting. Unlike lash extensions, tinting is an easy approach to making the most of natural eyebrow hairs and lashes.

Beauty professionals know the importance of keeping their clients looking their best, and that means having a variety of superior products on hand for lash and brow tinting appointments. Fortunately, Spa Order carries all of the essentials at competitive prices.

We have a nice selection of lash tints and developers from top brands, including Intensive, Elleebana Brow HENNA, Combanil, RefectoCil and VI’VID. Spa Order carries a variety of dye shades that include traditional colors like brown, blonde and black in addition to more intensive colors such as graphite, blue, chestnut and blue/black.

Our catalog also offers eye and skin protecting creams, color removers, applicators and after-care supplies. Check out the huge selection of lash and brow tints and our other beauty supplies at Spa Order today. Can't find what you're looking for? Just call one of our beauty specialists for assistance.