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      Benefits of Using Professional Esthetician Wax

      As a licensed beauty professional, your clients count on your expertise to achieve and maintain the best results from body and facial waxing appointments. Exceptional results hail from the use of the best wax beads, refills, pre and post treatment solutions and products on the market—many of which you can find at competitive prices here at Spa Order.

      Two of our most popular lines of hair removal products include the exclusive cruelty-free Dermwax and the new Dermwax Elite NAKED hard and soft wax products. Dermwax vegan hard beads come in a variety of colors and tints and are crafted from a special blend of flexible polymers that allow for ultra-thin, fast-drying application without the hassle of stringy thread residue.

      Both Dermwax and Dermwax Elite are hypoallergenic and come in varieties appropriate for facial and full body applications and can accommodate all hair and skin types. Whether clients have fine hair, course hair, sensitive or acne-prone skin, combination or dry skin, The NAKED line from Dermwax Elite is a low-temperature hot wax that delivers beautiful, flawless results.

      Spa Order also carries a wide selection of GiGi Hard and Soft Waxes with natural contents such as essential oils and other nourishing ingredients that leave skin hair-free, soft and supple after use. Looking for all-natural blends from Clean + Easy? We have Clean + Easy hot wax refills in multiple sizes for jobs small and large for all skin types to meet client’s needs. We also offer Flora Wax soft waxes in traditional, microwaveable options and no-strip discs filled premium ingredients that clients appreciate.

      Make Spa Order your go to resource for professional beauty supplies that consistently exceed customer’s expectations. Contact one of our bulk ordering consultants today or peruse the site and place your order conveniently online!