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      Professional Waxing Supplies

      The top licensed estheticians prefer to use the best waxing supplies, and Spa Order offers some of the most popular brands at affordable price points. Our catalog is filled with body and facial waxing products like cruelty-free Dermwax, Dermwax ELITE Naked, and Glitter Wax Creations Born to Sparkle. 

      Of course, there’s more involved in hair removal than the wax itself, and Spa Order has is the go-to resource for anyone seeking top quality waxing supplies, professional spa tables and other essential equipment. Our catalog also includes top-selling Dermwax pellon strips and rolls as well as Dermwax muslin strips and rolls.

      Our inventory has several sizes and styles of waxing warmers that are compatible with most hard and soft face and body waxing products and refills. You won’t want to miss out of highly effective pre and post skin treatments and wax removers like Satin Smooth Remove It Wax Cleaner or soothing wipes that hydrate the skin while removing any residue after sessions. To safely remove residue from equipment our best selling product is Dermwax Organic Calendula Wax Surface Cleaner.