Lash & Brow Supplies

Elleebana Isolator Tool
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Lash & Brow Supplies

With lash and brow tinting being more popular than ever, it’s optimal for licensed beauty professionals to have the right tools and products on hand to meet client’s requests. Spa Order carries several lines of exceptional tints and activator formulas, as well as the supplies needed for the job.

We have pre-treatment essentials like makeup removers, protection papers and non-woven medical tape that holds lashes down or raises them up during sessions. A top selling product is RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream, which is perfect for pre-tinting and as a post-tinting care cream.

Beauty professionals can work more quickly and effectively with accessories like lash lifters, perm rods and silicone lash shields to ease applying lash tints and lash extensions. These tools are designed to also protect the eye area from any dyes used in the treatment.

Top aestheticians may want to send clients home with aftercare formulas, serums and mascaras from top brands like Elleebana and Babe Lash that nourish and strengthen natural lashes while helping lash tints last longer. Clients who want to maintain their curled lashes will love products like Ellevate Keratin Lash Lift Mascara.

Spa Order strives to provide the best brands in beauty and offer them to professionals at competitive prices. We offer fast shipping, so you’ll be well stocked for lash and brow appointments. We also offer eye and skin protecting creams, color removers, applicators and after-care supplies. Check out the huge selection of lash and brow tints and our other beauty supplies at Spa Order today.