The Secrets to Successful Brazilian Waxing

Tips, Tricks, and What to Dodge for a Pretty Kitty Experience

  • Home care to guarantee a victorious wax session
  • Which waxes to use in an intimate area
  • Products to apply to help remove the most hair while keeping the skin calm

Brazilian Wax Meme

Performing Brazilian and Manzilian waxing treatments can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

Achieving a smooth, hair-free result requires a combination of proper, preparation, technique, and post homecare.

Let’s take a look at some important tips and tricks to ensure a successful waxing service, along with common pitfalls your client needs to avoid.

Tips for a Successful Brazilian and Manzilian Wax Session

Exfoliate Before a Service:

Prior to your client’s waxing service, encourage your client to exfoliate their skin to remove dead cells and prevent ingrown hairs.

Let them know that this helps the wax adhere better to the hair, leading to a smoother waxing process.

Brazilian Wax

Choose the Right Wax

Select a high-quality wax suitable for sensitive, intimate areas. Consider either a hard wax or soft wax that contains soothing ingredients to minimize discomfort during and after waxing.

Dermwax’s most popular waxes for Brazilians and Manzilians are Dermwax' Pink Chiffon Hard Wax, Purple Galaxy Hard Wax, Emerald Ocean Hard Wax, Brazilian Soft Wax and for sensitive skin Naked Elite Sparkle Blue Hard Wax

Dermwax Brazilian Waxes

Hair Length is Vital

Your client’s hair needs to be about 1/4 to 1/2 inch long for optimal waxing results. Too short, and the wax may struggle to grip; too long, and it could be more painful.

Communicate with Your Client

Encouraging open communication with your client is crucial. Prior to their wax session, ask your clients if they have any concerns, preferences, or allergies to ensure a tailored and comfortable experience.

Suggest to clients that they wear loose-fitting, cotton clothing to and after their wax service to prevent irritation and allow the skin to breathe.

Tricks to Enhance Your Waxing Experience

Cleanse the Skin

Applying a cleanser like Dermwax Pre/Post Wax Cleanser to the skin removes any debris, sweat or lotions that may be on the surface of the skin while soothing the skin making the waxing process smoother and reduces irritation. 

Dermwax Pre Post Cleanser

The Power of Powder

Lightly dust the intimate area with Dermwax Pre Wax Powder after the cleanser has dried. The powder will help to absorb any moisture on the skin and allows the wax to adhere to the hair and not the skin.

Waxing powder

Breathing Deep

Encourage your client to practice relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, which can manage discomfort during the waxing procedure. Having them focus on their breath will help them stay calm and composed. 

Post Wax Oils Feel Good

Apply a post wax product such as Dermwax Calendula Oil after removing the hair. Calendula Oil aids in calming and soothing the skin while avoiding irritation and inflammation.

Dermwax Post Care Oil


Avoid These Pitfalls

Sun Exposure is a No-Go

Advise clients to avoid sun exposure for at least 24 hours post-waxing to prevent irritation and potential sunburn on freshly waxed skin.

Skip Intense Workouts

Clients need to give their body a break from intense workouts for a day or two after waxing to avoid excessive sweating, irritation, and blisters.

Ugh, Ingrowns

Ingrown hairs can be painful and unsightly.

If your client suffers from ingrown hairs, stress the importance of exfoliating and incorporating an ingrown solution into their daily habits. Dermwax Ingrown Solution is an effective product that contains Arnica for calming irritation and Latic and Glycolic Acids that brighten the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation and kills bacteria.

Ingrown Hair Solution

In conclusion, by incorporating and promoting these tips and tricks into your Brazilian/Manzilian waxing sessions and communicating the common pitfalls, your clients will enjoy a smoother, more comfortable, and satisfying hair removal experience.

Remember, communication with clientele is key, and with the right approach, you'll master the art of intimate waxing with confidence in no time.

- Written by Kyla Sampson