Glitter Wax Blends

Glitter Wax Creations Boss Babe

Glitter Wax Creations

These specialty glitter wax blends can be safely used in any wax type or jelly masks. The formulation will not alter the wax, bleed or cause any scratching or irritation to your client.  These blends will enhance your wax giving a gorgeous and fun sparkle. 

This glitter can be safely used in any body wax brand as well as jelly masks, nail lacquer, gel, & acrylics. 

Glitter blends are made from precision-cut Holographic Polyester film particles that give each glitter particle a rainbow reflective sparkle and shine. 

Add as much or little as you like to achieve the desired look. Glitter blends may look different in various types and colors of waxes. Try different blends to see which ones are your favorite! Made in the USA!