At Spa Order, we LOVE helping estheticians create more revenue.

Once a quarter, we will feature a new product or service that will help estheticians increase their exposure.  This quarter it is London Spears and her glycerin soaps, as seen on our website.


My name is London Spears,  currently I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist for going on 5 years, with goals of becoming dual licensed in Esthetics! Other than being the sole owner/operator of LS Massage Therapy I also founded Nostalgic Love, my vegan-ish bath and body care product line in 2017. A friend of mine suggested to me in 2015 I retail the body butters and scrubs I made & used in the Spa Treatments I came up with for my clients. However I didn’t see the vision, and I didn’t pursue it as a business venture until my business mentor and marketing guru Candace Holyfield asked what was my second stream of income? I started with bath bombs, then it grew to women & men whipped body butters, butter bars, scrubs, body oils, whipped soaps, and now bar soaps. Being creative is in my blood, but it took someone else to remind me that I can be successful in more than one business. The sense of smell has always been my favorite, you can trigger so many thoughts, memories, and feelings through the sense of smell. I’m totally intrigued by it. I love having someone walk by and and say omg what are you wearing, or cuddling up with your Boo and he smells so heavenly. Just creating an avenue of human interaction, right now it’s fall and I’ve been using my Warm Vanilla Chai + Cinnamon Whipped Body Butter & Oil on my clients and they can’t get enough of it. I sold out of the butter with in a few days. So if I can help people feel better, create safer skin products that smell amazing, and promote happiness and relaxation, I think I’m achieving a lot. If you’re interested in wholesale pricing custom products for your business. My social media handles are @lsmassagetherapy & @nostalgiclove18 on Instagram, LS Massage & Nostalgic Love on Facebook. Thank you so much Spa Order for the feature I’m truly humbled.