Combinal Skin Protection Cream - 2.5 fl oz

Combinal Skin Protection Cream - 2.5 fl oz


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The NEW COMBINAL Skin Protection Cream is used to cover and protect the skin during the eyelash, eyebrow and hair colour processes. This cream can also be used to protect the hands while applying the color.

This light cream soothes and nourishes the skin. In addition, its new paraben-free formula is intensely hydrating and softening.

Especially noteworthy is the new composition of this cream, which is enriched with hydrating and calming Water Lily Extract, leaving the skin touchably soft and smooth.


Due to a new formula, the combinal Skin Protection Cream is most suitable for the sensitive eye area.
It's recommended that you use this protective cream around the area that has to be colored. You may also use protective pads to cover the concerned skin area. For the best skin protection, it's recommended that you take 2 protective eyelash pads, apply a thin film of combinal skin protection cream on one pad and stick the two pads together. Apply a thin layer of this protection cream under the area which has to be coloured (directly on the skin) before laying the double pad on the layer of cream and finally starting the colour process.

Using the COMBINAL Skin Protection Cream highly protects sensitive skin, prevents any risk of surplus colour and more easily removes dye stains from skin after the colour process.

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