Winter Waxing Tips: How to Wow Your Clients All Winter Long

Let's discuss the effects of winter weather on the skin and how you can make every winter waxing session a cool breeze.

  • Explore the most common issue that arises in the winter and how to combat it.
  • Discuss the top pre and post care products for a successful waxing session.
  • Learn tips that you can give to your clients for at-home aftercare

At Spa Order, we understand that the changing seasons require special attention for your clients to maintain smooth and glowing skin. During the winter season, estheticians need to focus on their pre and post care practices to ensure optimal results and client satisfaction.

The #1 Winter Skin Challenge: Dryness

The winter air causes the humidity to drop which makes skin dry and potentially more sensitive. Well-hydrated skin is the key to a successful waxing session.

Encourage your clients to stay hydrated, moisturize their skin daily and exfoliate weekly. In addition, applying a hydrating mask will give their skin an extra boost of moisture.

Encouraging your client to receive vajacials using a hydrating mask such as Spa Order’s Colamer Aloe Collagen Gelle Mask is a wonderful option due to its calming and moisturizing qualities.

Waxing during the Wintertime: Comfort is Key

Cold temperatures can make clients uncomfortable which can make their experience more painful.

Creating a cozy environment in your treatment room and slightly warming the pre-wax cleanser can help take the chill off.

A warm, cozy treatment room and slightly warm products ensure that your clients can fully relax and enjoy the experience.

It is not recommended that you heat the wax to a warmer temperature because it could potentially burn the client’s skin. 

Preparation is Paramount: Pre-Wax Care

Perform a thorough consultation prior to starting the waxing process. Assess the client's skin condition, considering any changes brought on by the colder weather such as medications or a recent illness.

If these contraindications arise, it may be best to postpone their waxing service for a week or two to minimize damage to the skin.

Once your client has been cleared for their waxing service, Spa Order recommends using our Dermwax Pre/Post Wax Cleanser due to its gentle and hydrating qualities while it removes any make-up, oils or debris to prepare the skin and give the client a smoother waxing experience.

Dermwax Pre/Post Care


Post-Wax TLC: Nurturing Winter-Weary Skin

Show your clients some love by recommending a post-wax care routine specifically designed for winter.

Your client will want to exfoliate their skin 1-3 times per week. Exfoliating prevents dead skin cells from building up and discourages the growth of ingrown hairs.

Applying a soothing, hydrating oil such as Dermwax’s Calendula Oil daily is also highly recommended.

This not only enhances the results but also promotes healing and helps combat the dryness that winter can bring.


Education is Empowerment: Client Winter Skincare Tips

Empowering your clients with knowledge about which products to use or avoid during the winter season will enhance the longevity of their results. Provide them with informative materials on at-home care, including gentle exfoliation methods and hydration tips. A well-informed client is a happy client, and a happy client is a returning client.

Winter doesn't have to mean dull, dry skin. Using these winter waxing tips; estheticians can elevate their services and assist clients in maintaining a radiant glow and successful experience all season long.

At Spa Order, we're here to support you with top-quality pre and post care products, waxes and expert advice to make every waxing season a success!

- Written by Kyla Sampson, LE, CPLT