The many Wonders of Calendula Oil

Thought to have originated in southern Europe, Calendula is a lovely flower that varies in color, anywhere from a bright yellow to an orange hue. It grows in mild climates and is part of the herb family.

How is it extracted?

In order to get the oil from the flower, all the petals of calendula flower are removed and the oil is extracted by a process called steam distillation. The oil should be golden orange in color.

What is it used for?

Calendula extract Oil has gained popularity in high-end cosmetic products and has many purposes, specifically for treating sensitive skin because it is so calming and soothing. The gentleness of the calendula oil allows it to be an excellent treatment for skin rashes, inflammation, has anti-bacterial properties and aids in reducing red. Furthermore, Calendula can be found in many waxing products as it a great extract that is allergy-free.

Key Benefits:

*Soothing & softening of the skin

*Calms redness and is highly hydrating

*Naturally anti-bacterial particularly in organic form