The 6 Best Reasons to use Pre-Active (wet) Sheet Masks on your clients

Sheet masks are a huge beauty trend right now and for good reason: They actually work and clients love the results! Wet sheet masks are made of cotton and silk then heavily soaked in serum. They are designed to keep active ingredients in direct contact with your skin while blocking the air from interfering with the process. Keeping the air out also raises your skin’s temperature, forcing pores to open up and allowing the ingredients to penetrate more deeply.

1. They’re so easy to apply!

Individually packaged, just remove and unfold the mask, align the holes with the corresponding parts of your face, press it down so adheres nicely to the skin and let sit for 10-20 minutes and remove. No need to rinse! And because the formula (serum) has already been evenly drenched on the sheet, you can be sure that every part of your face will get an equal dose of nutrients.

2. They’re hygienic to use!

Such is the beauty of disposable sheets: You use one, and then you toss it. And unlike those in jars and tubes, these sheets are individually packed in sealed packets, keeping them moist and sterile until you’re ready to apply them. Also an easy way to keep inventory of all your back-bar treatments.

3. They take up little space in your treatment room!

With regular masks, you need a bowl/water, sponges/pads, mask brushes, etc.—but not with a sheet mask! Easy to store, they take up very little storage space.

4. Totally mess-free!

They may slide slightly, but unlike regular masks, the formula won’t drip and leave a mess.

5. A quick visible fix!

Whatever formula you choose (Collagen, Caviar, Aloe, Green-Tea, Chamomile or Vitamin C) your skin will benefit from all the potent ingredients that the mask contains from just one mask treatment!

Results are immediate!

6. They are cost effective!

Skin Care Salon’s typically add $10-20 extra to their facial when applying a sheet mask. For example,

If you charge $85 for a facial, you could charge $105 for this extra service. You can do the match and that is a healthy profit!