Elevate Your Esthetic Business with Lash Lifts and Brow Lamination

As estheticians, we're always on the lookout for ways to enhance our clients' natural beauty while growing our businesses. Look no further than the world of lash lifts and brow lamination—a dynamic duo that's revolutionizing the beauty industry.

Brow Lamination and Lash Lift

These two beauty treatments have gained immense popularity in recent years for good reason. Not only do they leave your clients looking and feeling fabulous, but they can also significantly enhance your business.

In this article, we'll explore how lash lifts and brow lamination can benefit both you and your clients, and we'll introduce you to a fantastic opportunity to get started with these services.

The Esthetician's Edge: Benefits of Lash Lifts and Brow Lamination

Lash lifts and brow lamination have become go-to beauty treatments, and for good reason. They offer a host of benefits for both estheticians and clients alike.

Benefits For Estheticians

1. Increased Revenue: Offering lash lifts and brow lamination can significantly boost your income. These services are in high demand, and clients often return for touch-ups, ensuring a steady stream of revenue.

2. Client Retention: Lash lifts and brow lamination are semi-permanent, encouraging repeat visits and building a loyal client base.

3. Enhanced Skill Set: Adding these services to your repertoire makes you a more versatile and competitive esthetician.

4. Client Satisfaction: Your clients will leave your salon with beautifully enhanced lashes and brows, leading to higher satisfaction and positive referrals.

5. Shorter Service Time: These treatments are relatively quick, allowing you to serve more clients in a day.

6. Creative Expression: Customize each treatment to your client's preferences, showcasing your creativity.

7. Trust Building: Providing these services professionally and skillfully builds trust with clients, encouraging them to try other treatments.

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Benefits for Your Clients


Source: Elleebana.com

Brow Lamination Benefits

Brow lamination offers a myriad of benefits, starting with giving brows a tamed and well-defined look. This treatment not only imparts a fuller appearance to the eyebrows but also promises long-lasting results. What's more, it's low maintenance, so you can enjoy the benefits without the constant upkeep. Additionally, it enhances facial symmetry, which in turn boosts one's confidence, making it a preferred choice for many seeking a polished and refined appearance.


    Lash Lift Benefits
    Lash lifts provide the perfect solution for those seeking beautifully curled lashes without the daily need for mascara. The treatment results in open, awake-looking eyes and offers long-lasting effects. Plus, the process is customizable to suit individual preferences. Better yet, it's low maintenance and waterproof, ensuring your lashes look impeccable come rain or shine.

    Getting Started With Lash & Brow Kits

    There are many options when it comes to lash and brow kits. We’ve chosen to make it simple for you by highlighting Elleebana’s Elleeplex Profusion Lash and Brow Kit.


    Established in Australia for over two decades, Elleebana is a long-standing, family owned and operated, Australian company who has built a global following and reputation as a world leader in the manufacturing and production of eyelash and eyebrow enhancement products.

    The Elleeplex Profusion kit is designed to empower estheticians with a synergistic range that includes Lash & Brow Lamination, Lash Lift, Lash & Brow Tinting, and advanced aftercare—all in one comprehensive package. You can choose between a starter kit or a full kit. 

    Elleeplex Profusion Lash Lift Starter Kit

    The Elleeplex Profusion Lash Lift Starter Kit gives you everything you need to get started with lash lifts and brow laminations.

    Elleebana Starter Kit
    • 15 Lift Solutions and 15 Setting Solutions
    • Combo Pack of Silicone FLEX Rods
    • Original Lash Lifting Adhesive
    • Makeup Remover 30ml
    • Application Brush
    • Isolator Tool
    • ReGen - Next Gen
    • One (1) Tree Tool

    Elleeplex Profusion Full Kit

    The Elleeplex Profusion Full Kit is perfect to use as you grow your business.
    Elleebana Full Kit
    • 30 lifting & 30 setting sachets
    • Combo pack of silicone rods
    • Original Glue bottle with brush
    • Elleebana Make Up Remover 30ml
    • Application brush
    • Isolator Tool
    • Elleeplex ReGen
    • Minimum of 30 treatments


    We all know how important maintaining optimal lash health is for our clients and our new Elleeplex Profusion range delivers this with our innovative system. 

    Gentle and Effective Results: Utilizing a cysteamine HCL active and containing no thioglycolate allows for gentle and effective lash lift / lamination results, minimizing the chance of over-processing and keeping lashes healthy.

    Hydration and Strength: The synergistic 'Re-Gen – Next Gen' system boosts lash hydration and strength, achieving optimal results and lash health.

    Longevity: Our treatments last up to 6 to 8 weeks, with a reduced chance of irregular grow-out in the lash growth cycle.

    Fast Processing: Enjoy a fast treatment and processing time, thanks to our easy-to-use single-use sachets.

    Suitable for Brow Lamination: Our kits are suitable for brow lamination, empowering you to straighten brow hairs with confidence for clients with unruly or downward-growing eyebrow hair. Plus, it strengthens, hydrates, and protects.


    Pricing Strategy: A Win-Win for You and Your Clients

    Now, let's talk about pricing your services.

    On average, a Lash Lift can be priced at $75, and a Brow Lamination at $90. But here's where it gets exciting – by offering a combined package of both services at $140, you're not only delivering exceptional value to your clients but also significantly boosting your profitability.

     Revenue Potential with Starter Kit:

    • Lash Lift: 15 treatments x $75 = $1,125
    • Brow Lamination: 15 treatments x $90 = $1,350
    • Combined Services: 15 treatments x $140 = $2,100 

    Revenue Potential with Full Kit:

    • Lash Lift: 30 treatments x $75 = $2,250
    • Brow Lamination: 30 treatments x $90 = $2,700
    • Combined Services: 30 treatments x $140 = $4,200

     By offering combined lash lift and brow lamination services, you're not only increasing client satisfaction but also boosting your profits. It's a win-win scenario that makes your business stand out in the beauty industry.

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