7 Tips for a Perfect Brazilian (hint: includes a Vajacial!!)

Customize treatments are where you can get real creative and depending on your clients needs  your expertise as a professional esthetician will come in handy. By setting yourself apart and creating a magical experience you’re bound to have your books filled in no time

V is not only for Victory

V is also for Vajacials! Our Mon pubis is literally the face of our vaginas! And it’s important the skin looks its best at all time! Regardless if you use soft wax or hard wax, the skin underneath the bush needs beautification too.

Prep the Skin

Soften the skin by dry brushing first, prep the skin with a mild exfoliating scrub (I use Colamer Micro-resurfacing gel Scrub) I like using an exfoliating glove and with gentle circular motion I scrub away dead skin and I concentrate just a tad more on softening  any ingrown or blackhead plug I may come across.

Keep it cool

 Just a rule of thumb if you use soft wax, (I like Dermwax Ultra sensitive Zinc Oxide and Flora Lemon Essential) no more exfoliations can be done, only a hydrating mask, such as Colamer pre-active sheet mask (I like keeping my pre-active masks in the refrigerator for an extra cooling effect) my favorites for down under are Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Green tea, I also use these for after face waxing!  Use Iontophoresis to penetrate active serum.

If it’s Hard, it’s ok!

With Hardwax (I use Dermwax Pink Chiffon or Original Blue with a little creamy coconut beads) paint you canvas with some brightening, smoothing and hydrating products.  Since hard wax only adheres to hair you can apply a mild enzyme peel mask to add a gentle peel (keyword mild) and help with any ingrown or bumps you might have to work on. (I love to use Colamer Skin resurfacing mask with pumpkin). I also like to run my high frequency electrode after extractions to kill any lingering bacteria.

 Mask Treatment

If they have ingrowns and bumps I like to apply Colamer active charcoal mask, its soothing properties, detoxifying charcoal and hyaluronic base (which is my favorite ingredient) will totally help soothe, purify and hydrate the delicate skin.  I like to use Colamer photo- finish Gelee with Aloe on my sensitive clients, especially my newbies to waxing, they will react the most. This Gelee mask is great for sensitive skin because it’s meant to reduce redness and irritation, and offers cooling properties.

Amp it up

Another favorite treatment to up sell is customizing the mask. Le Club Ampoules have been my go to at the moment for facials and vajacials you have a variety to choose from Calendula or Azulen to soothe redness and irritation (sensitive skin, first timers), Raspberry -to brighten and smooth (pigmentation and scars), Oxygenating- to bring moisture to dull skin, (dry skin) Apply directly or into a gel mask,   (I go directly, use Iontophoresis and cover with a Colamer Vitamin C peel off mask.