Sani-Cloth Plus Wipes 160/Tub


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When it comes to value, Sani-Cloth® Plus gets the job done. Effective against microorganisms commonly found in healthcare environments. Compatible with a broad range of hard non-porous surfaces and equipment found in healthcare environments.

Sani-Cloth Plus disposable disinfectant large wipes are an excellent size for wiping down larger surfaces such as kitchen counters or medical gurneys. The large size helps protect your hands from exposure when you wipe down potentially hazardous surfaces or those likely to carry germs. They are also a great choice for placement near shopping carts so that customers can kill germs before touching cart handles.

The large wipes are disposable for added convenience. Simply toss the wipes in the waste bin after each cleanup job. The disposable nature makes it easy to share them with others without needing to wash or sanitize the cloths afterwards.

Sani-Cloth Plus disposable disinfectant large wipes come in a container of 160 wipes, providing plenty of cleaning and sanitizing action for even larger spaces.