Heliabrine Oxy-Defense Protective Cream


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Heliabrine Oxy-Defense Protective Cream

  • Protects, detoxifies, rebalances and tones the skin
  • Improves micro-circulation and enhances cells renewal, improving radiance
  • Prevents skin ageing and fights free radicals

Ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba – Lupin – Nopal Flower – Vitamin E – Hyaluronic Acid Imperata Cylindrica – Grape Seed Oil - Beeswax – Plant glycerin

Directions: Apply morning and evening to a perfectly cleansed skin after using Oxy-Defense cleansing foam. Gently massage along the lines of the face: from the nose to the ears, then smooth onto the forehead and massage in with light upwards movements from the nose to the hairline. Repeat these movements on the neck always working upwards.