Heliabrine Helixience® Goldfingerz Massage Gel 6.75 fl oz


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Heliabrine Helixience® Goldfingerz Massage Gel

  • Allows long massaging of face or body
  • Penetrates slowly and wraps the skin with a deeply emollient satin film
  • Nourishes the epidermis
  • Innovative texture. Non oily. Leaves the skin incredibly soft and supple

Ingredients: Sucroesters – Glycerin – Gold particles - Champagne Fragrance – PRESERVATIVE FREE

Directions: Apply a knob of massage gel to dry skin. Massage the whole body or face until complete penetration. Do not rinse. It leaves a moisturizing but non oily film on the skin. It is possible to spray water at the end of the massage so that the gel becomes a milky emulsion.