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Tea tree is popular essential oil that traces its origin to the Aboriginal peoples of Australia. It has now naturalized itself to New Zealand, Africa, and China. For over a a millennium the leaves have been applied as a disinfectant and antifungal agent. The plant's medicinal properties remained a secret to the world until the 1920’s when Australia chemist, Dr. Arthur Penfold, began investigating its antiseptic properties. During World War II the Australian government made tea tree oil part of first aid kits.

Tea tree essential oil has powerful anti inflammatory and disinfectant compounds which treat insect bites, blemishes, burns, skin ailments, infected wounds, bruises, lice, and dandruff. It is considered antiviral as well.

Tea tree essential oil is a quintessential addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, and candles.

Fleur Essential Oil is pleased to offer tea tree essential oil in bulk and wholesale quantities. We can supply any amount of oil to anywhere in the world.

Tea Tree Essential Oil (Chinese)
Scientific name : Melaleuca alternifolia
Oil origin : Tree, leaves
Extraction : Steam distillation
Aroma : Medicinal, camphoraceous
Odor strength: Middle
Evaporation : Top note