Fleur Rosemary Essential Oil
Fleur Rosemary Essential Oil

Fleur Rosemary Essential Oil


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Rosemary Essential Oil


Rosemary is a plant autochthonous to the Mediterranean and is cultivated throughout the world. It grows wild on dry, rocky slopes near the sea. Its name is derived from the Latin ros marinus , meaning "sea dew."  In Egypt rosemary was buried with the pharaohs.

Rosemary essential oil is therapeutic addition to cosmetic applications, personal care formulations, soaps, perfumery, incense, candles, and aromatherapy.

Fleur Essential Oil is pleased to offer rosemary essential oil in small packing to bulk and wholesale quantities. We can supply any amount of oil to anywhere in the world.

Scientific name : Rosmarinus officinalis
Oil origin : Herb
Extraction : Steam distillation
Aroma : Fresh, woody, herbal
Odor strength: High
Evaporation : Middle note

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