Dermwax Pre-Wax Powder 1 oz


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Dermwax Pre-Wax Powder 1 oz

  • Therapeutic pre-wax powder
  • Sprayable pump package for ease of use
  • Allows wax to adhere to hair
  • Absorbs skin’s natural oils for a more effective wax
  • Pro-vitamin b5 for skin soothing
  • Zinc Oxide for skin cooling
  • Organic Aloe Leaf Extract for skin cooling 
  • Pink clay for dead cell removal and skin detoxification
  • Vitamin C for damaged skin cell repair
  • Free of fragrance, talc and aluminum.

Usage: Prior to waxing, spray on skin. Proceed with waxing service.
Ingredients: Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate), Corn Starch (Zea Mays), Zinc Oxide (CI 77947), Organic Arrowroot Tapioca (Manihot Esculenta), Organic Aloe Leaf Powder (Aloe Barbadensis), Pink Clay (Kaolin/Illite), Vitamin C Ester (Ascorbyl Palmitate), Provitamin B5 (DL-Panthenol)

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