Retinol/Lactic Acid Peel 10/10 2oz


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The Vitamin A Retinol is a uniquely active formula (once applied on the skin surface) that contains significant concentrations of Vitamin A (retinol) combined with the resurfacing value of Lactic Acid. This combination allows for deeper exfoliation of surface dead skin cells as well as a powerful decongestive mechanism for the accumulation of lipids and oils surrounding the glands and hair follicles. Vitamin A at this condensed level is known for its ability to stimulate and increase the production of healthy skin cells ‰ÛÏthe natural production of three building blocks ‰ÛÒ Collagen, Fibronectin and Hyaluronic Acid‰۝ thus visibly reducing the signs of aging. When properly applied (see specific protocol instructions) the visual change of the skin can be significant. The physical exfoliation that occurs when layered often resembles that of high levels of glycolic acid. If the strategy is to minimize the appearance of unwanted pigmentation our ‰ÛÏLong Island Ice Tea‰۝ peel is a perfect starting point for the overall appearance of the skin as well as a pre-conditioning tool for more aggressive peels. You will rarely experience irritation of the skin when applied allowing for a greater number of customers enjoying the opportunity. The ‰ÛÏLong Island Ice Tea‰۝ Peel quite probably is the most user friendly and effective peel available to the professional esthetician. Can be used as a treatment for rosacea, no more than 1 time three weeks apart.