25% Mandelic Acid Peel


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Pure Mandelic 25% Acid Peel, however, is a relatively new AHA that is derived from bitter almonds. Also includes Lactic 10%, Salicylic 2%, L-Ascorbic 2% Acids.

Mandelic acid peels are a great choice for a first-time chemical peel. Their antibacterial qualities also make them good for people with acne-prone skin. Because it is one of the gentler chemical peels out there, it is safe to use for people with Rosacea or darker skin tones.

Helps to remove dull layers of dead skin cells, revealing the new skin cells underneath, alpha hydroxy acids improve the texture of skin, unclog pores, can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and may aid in the building of collagen and elastin, both of which help to firm skin.

Mandelic 25% acid peel has the unique ability to target a number of different skin care issues, such as repairing skin damaged by photoaging (prolonged exposure to the sun), combating hyperpigmentation and treating acne, without the irritation that can be caused by other alpha hydroxy acids.

The molecules of mandelic 25% acid peel are larger which means that they are more slowly absorbed, and therefore less irritating to sensitive skin. Even those who suffer from rosacea can use products with mandelic 25% acid peel because of its gentle properties and the fact that it doesn't need to be buffered with other ingredients to be tolerated.

Another benefit is seen by those with darker skin tones. Unlike other alpha hydroxy acids, mandelic acid does not bring about the hyperpigmentation often seen as a reaction to the irritation caused by AHA use, particularly in African Americans and others with dark skin tones.

Like other AHAs, though, mandelic 25% acid peel causes a rapid improvement in skin texture and appearance, and fine lines and wrinkles are gradually minimized over time with continued use. In addition, it is both an antibacterial and bactericidal, which means that it works well for those with oily skin or who suffer from acne It was originally utilized as an antibacterial agent used in treating skin after laser resurfacing and as an antibiotic used to treat urinary tract infections. Researchers noticed that after prolonged use, the appearance of skin was dramatically improved.

INGREDIENTS: Deionized Water, SD-Alcohol 40, Propylene Glycol, Glycolic Acid (10%), Salicylic Acid, (2%) .