Colamer Ginseng Peel-Off Mask
Colamer Ginseng Peel-Off Mask

Colamer Ginseng Peel-Off Mask


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Ginseng Peel-Off Mask

  • Rejuvenating and anti-aging
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Repairs skin circulation

1 pouch - 30 grams

Popular by demand, ginseng, an ancient root that is found to have strong benefits to slow aging and repair damaged skin. It naturally restores the skin back to its youthfulness, softens wrinkles, firms and nourishes damaged and sun-exposed skin affected by ultra-violet exposure. Perfect for all skin types.

Directions for use: Mix the powder with 3 oz. of water in a rubber bowl until it becomes a creamy paste. Apply the mixture on skin by starting at the jawline and working your way up with a spatula. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and allow it to “set”. Peel off mask in one piece.