Colamer Aloe Peel-Off Mask
Colamer Aloe Peel-Off Mask

Colamer Aloe Peel-Off Mask


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Aloe Peel-Off Mask 30gr

  • Skin comfort
  • Minimizes redness
  • Reduces irritation

Loaded with the miracle healing properties of Aloe which is naturally and instantly cooling, this mask is formulated to heal inflamed and irritated skin. It calms and soothes sensitive skin conditions and is excellent post micro-dermabrasion, peels, extractions and after-sun exposure. Also aids in reduction of redness. Great for all skin types.

Directions for use: Mix the powder with 3 oz. of water in a rubber bowl until it becomes a creamy paste. Apply the mixture on skin by starting at the jawline and working your way up with a spatula. Leave the mask on for 15 minutes and allow it to “set”. Peel off mask in one piece.

Ingredients: Laminaria digitate extract, calcium phosphate, sodium phosphate, collagen, Aloe Vera


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