Beeswax Ear Candling Cylinder 10 Pairs


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Ear Candles are used to assist achieve relaxation while driving away stress. As the candle burns warm air moves down the candle creating a relaxing experience.

These Beeswax Candling Cylinders are made from pure beeswax, known for its smokeless burning qualities.

Size: 0.5" x 9.8" (Approx.)

10 Pairs/Pack in 3 assorted colors

Disclaimer: Ear Cones/Candles are not a medical device. Ear Candles/Cones are a home remedy. Results will vary from user to user. No claim is made for the cure of any disease of ailment. No guarantee or other assurance is made covering the results of any above-mentioned product. Do not use ear candles/cones as a substitute for professional medical treatment. Ear Cones/Candles are not to be used on a perforated eardrum or if there are tubes in the ear. As with all home remedies, the user assumes all liabilities. Contractors, manufactures, and vendors of the product assume no liability for the ear coning process, or for any damage, harm, unexpected adverse reaction or complication that might occur during or after the use of ear coning. Use caution, and common sense with this product. Your purchase indicates acknowledgment and agreement of this disclaimer and common sense.