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Is Paraffin making a comeback?

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We have certainly seen a spike in paraffin sales, so that must mean something. Perhaps it’s the cooler weather, could it be the low cost per treatment or maybe clients are just asking for it because it feels wonderful and it’s so moisturizing? Whatever the reason, Paraffin does offer 3 major health and beauty benefits:

  • Heat Therapy: The wax we use in professional paraffin treatments is a soft type of wax that melts at a low temperature. When the paraffin is applied to the hands and feet, the gentle heat increases blood flow and naturally relaxes the muscles. The result is relief from joint stiffness and aches. This type of therapy is effective and very helpful if you suffer from conditions like arthritis or if you have overworked your hands/feet/back that has led to soreness and fatigue.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Dry, damaged and dehydrated skin can very much benefit from paraffin. Paraffin, which is naturally moisturizing can help by softening the skin. For extra moisturizing, you can also apply a cream or massage an oil into the skin prior to paraffin application.
  • Relaxation: Aromatherapy! Essential oils can be added to the paraffin, This not only adds to the overall experience by creating a wonderful aroma, but it also makes the entire spa/salon smell great. If you choose to do so, it is best to work with unscented paraffin. You can even create and custom blend your own fragrance.

As you can see, a paraffin treatment is one of the most affordable ways to treat your client (or yourself!) The cost is low (about $.60 for hands) and there is a variety of scents to select from (peach, strawberry, cucumber, lavender, chocolate, mint, wintergreen, propolis and unscented).

Paraffin is a wonderful treatment to introduce your clients to, it’s easy to do, results are great, and the investment is minimal. Give us a call if you have questions 800 446 3751!

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